Workplace Safety Consulting

Keeping your place of business safe and healthy can help boost your company’s reputation, increase employee productivity, and prevent unexpected expenses due to workplace incidents. To attain a good work environment, rely on Hipot Alberta, Inc. in Airdrie, AB. We render the following professional services for small and large businesses:

  • COVID-19 Safety and Prevention Action Plan

  • Facility Safety Inspection

  • Risk Management

  • Incident Investigation

  • Managing Safe Work programs

  • Process Safety

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Other Services

  • Development of Fire Safety Plan

  • Facility Safety Case Study

  • Facility Station Bill Assessment

How We Work

We highly encourage our clients to schedule a consultation with us. During the discussion, we will determine the most suitable solution for their issues related to occupational health and safety. Please take note that our rates depend on the intensity of the service required for the project.

For the audit, we can provide advice regarding the service being requested. The customer should send a request, and our team will send back information as to how many hours the service will take, how much it will be, and what the service details are.

Workplace Safety, Occupational Health, Process Safety and Environmental Management Consultants..